Why Reader Feedback is So Important

Some thoughts about reader feedback and why it’s so important today.


In this digital everything age, competition in the writing industry is fierce and abundant. Self publishing is easy and there are no qualifications required to do so. Because of this, your feedback is crucial to the success of your favorite authors and publishers. Feedback can take a multitude of forms but the most effective kind are reviews on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. In addition, providing a brief link to those reviews on your Facebook and Twitter accounts–if you have them–to let your friends and followers know what you thought. In doing so you’re doing your friends a service by informing them of good books they might enjoy, and you’re doing the author/publisher a huge service by drawing attention to their work.

Something important to note about what I just said, or rather, didn’t say: you don’t have barnes-and-noble-icon
to leave a positive review for something you didn’t like. Just leave an honest review that tells why you did or didn’t like a particular book. It doesn’t have to be long or deeply involved. Just slap a few lines up if that’s all you want to do. It only takes a few minutes and it will help immensely in keeping your favorite authors and publishers in business so they can keep producing the books you love.

So keep reading and along the way give a little boost to the awesome people who are making it possible for you to have those books to read in the first place.


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