You Should Be Reading: John F.D. Taff

Another day, another victim–er, featured author I mean. I first read the work of John F.D. Taff about three years ago in a book called LITTLE DEATHS. It was one of the best short story collections I had read since Clive Barker’s BOOKS OF BLOOD. It showed me that Taff was the real deal and he could write the hell out of a short story. I followed that up with a reading of his full length novel, THE BELL WITCH, and learned that he was a fucking outstanding novelist too. Since then, I’ve read damn near everything he’s published and have discovered along the way that it doesn’t matter what form a story takes, short stories, novels, or novellas, they all flow golden from Taff’s capable pen.

And right now is a great time to check him out, he’s got three books that are selling for $0.99 for Kindle, including the two books I mentioned above. John F.D. Taff couldn’t write a bad story if he tried. If you aren’t reading his work already, you should be. Follow those links below and treat yourself to one of the best in the business.

Go here to purchase LITTLE DEATHS.
Go here to purchase THE BELL WITCH.
Go here to purchase INFESTATION.
Go here to get all the rest of his stuff. I know you’ll want to.

Go here to learn more about John F.D. Taff.


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