You Should Be Reading: Dark Moon Digest

The folks over at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing are known for taking daring leaps and, as a result, publishing some great books. Of the things I’ve read by them, not one is like anything I’ve ever read. I mean that in dmd22the best of ways. They’re willing to take risks and publish material that a publisher with smaller testicles would shy away from and everything they publish pushes the envelope of literary spec/horror fiction.

But enough about them. I want to talk about this periodical that they publish, well, periodically. I stole a copy of DARK MOON DIGEST #22 while Max Booth III was sleeping off a drunk, and I’m not ashamed. There are some fucking great stories in this thing by John Foster, Benoit Lelievre, Patrick Lacey, and a whole passel of others. There’s also a great essay by Jay Wilburn and an excerpt from Vincenzo Bilof’s THE VIOLATORS that you probably shouldn’t read unless you’re really fucking twisted (self plug: got a review of that book coming in February).

For $2.99 you’re basically getting a 120 page anthology of fiction and non-fiction from some of the best authors in the business. If you aren’t reading DARK MOON DIGEST, you should be. Click that link below and go check it out.

Get your copy of DARK MOON DIGEST #22 here.



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