Some thoughts on Women in Horror

When I set out at the beginning February to devote the majority of the month to women in horror, I didn’t really have a clear vision. I just knew that I wanted to feature as many female authors, editors, and other professionals in the business of making horror. As the month has progressed, my personal thoughts and feelings have solidified some and I have come to some conclusions I’d like to share here.

When asked why I wasn’t tagging my posts with the WIHM tag, I didn’t have a good answer to the question. I don’t believe I had really thought about it to that point. But after consciously analyzing it, this is the conclusion I’ve come to. Women write create great horror all the time. Every single day of the year. There is no shortage of accomplished female professionals in the field, but there does tend to be a dearth of recognition for those females. And that’s what I want, to draw notice to the women in horror and the art they create, not the month itself.

So the tag doesn’t mean a lot to me. Sure, I use it in my Twitter and Facebook posts and I am fully in support of the cause, but from my own position, I support that cause all the time. That “Women in Horror” link over there on the left is there everyday. Has been since last November. And it will remain there throughout the year for as long as this blog is a thing, reminding people, hopefully, that women create great horror, that they do it as well as men do–often even better–and that they do it all the time, not just in February.

So by all means, use the month of February to celebrate women and the wonderful art they create in this genre. But don’t forget to celebrate and draw attention to the fact that they do it 24/7/365.


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