A Cornucopia of Darkness: Publishers you should be reading

Some of you have probably seen my “You Should be Reading…” posts where I call out certain authors that I think are noteworthy and tell you about them and then guilt you out because you’re not reading their work. But I’ve never called out a publisher and I’m not sure why. Like notable authors, there are certain indie publishers that are pushing out exceptional works of speculative fiction, publishers that can’t fuck up even if they try and I want to list a few of them for you today. These are all shining stars in the realm of dark fiction and I know that I can read almost anything they publish and I won’t be disappointed. Below you will find a mixture of crime, pulp-noir, and horror publishers of many different styles ranging from literary to hardcore splatter, and even some literary hardcore splatter. Check them out, bookmark them, read them all.





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Eraserhead Press
Eraserhead Press


Broken River Books


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