Book Review: Mister White – John C. Foster

Adrian Shotbolt talks up John C. Foster’s brilliant and terrifying novel, MISTER WHITE.

Grim Reader Reviews


Grey Matter Press are one of my favourite publishers of dark fiction. John C. Foster is fast becoming one of my favourite writers. So, when I heard that the two of them were collaborating on the release of what would be Grey Matter Press’ first full novel, you can probably guess that I was suitably excited.

‘Mister White’ started off as a short story that appeared in the Anthology ‘Dark Visions Volume 2: A Collection of Modern Horror’ I actually only read it when it was released not long ago as a Kindle single. I absolutely loved it! I pre-ordered the ebook from the publisher and was delighted when it arrived ahead of it’s official release date of April 5th.

With ‘Mister White’ John C. Foster has created a dark, supernatural thriller that has the potential to be a real breakthrough book. It has all of the elements required for the…

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