covereBook: 48 pages
Publisher: Corpus Press
Publication Date: January 27, 2016

UNSEEMLY Synopsis:

Some discoveries are better left unmade.

Peter thought he was done with grave robbing, but when a former business partner lures him out to Dungarradh, a small Scottish island with a big secret, he finds himself waist deep in more than local folklore. Is the disappearance of his teammate truly the work of the legendary fae, or is a sinister force at play?

A brand-new tale of dark fantasy and horror, from the bestselling author of WHAT HIDES WITHIN and SEEING EVIL.

To tell too much about Jason Parent’s little pinprick of a horror story, UNSEEMLY, would be to spoil it terribly and that would be, well, unseemly. The synopsis will have to suffice for that purpose. What can be said about this incredible tale is that it’s chilling as hell, packed with edge of your seat action and a collection of quirky, three-dimensional characters that are interesting to follow and easy to like.

“Peter Callum stared at the behemoth with the slack jaw and handlebar mustache, slouching in a corner booth and guzzling down what Peter guessed to be his sixth or seventh beer. He wondered, and not for the first time, why in the sake of all that was good and holy and contrary to that hateful man had he come to Scotland.”

Jason Parent is a talented and promising author with a small but impressive backlog of published titles including the exceptional, skin-creeping novel, SEEING EVIL (review here). That book was one of the most impressive novels of 2015 so it comes as no surprise to find that UNSEEMLY is a simultaneously delightful and terrifying read. One of the things that made SEEING EVIL such an impressive book was Parent’s incredibly strong grasp of character development and character driven action, and the same is true of UNSEEMLY, a fact that’s all the more impressive because of the extremely limited amount of space in which he has to build them up:

““Fuck,” Peter muttered. Can’t leave now. He’s seen me. Do I really need the money this badly? But he knew that he did. He owed money everywhere: the bank for the mortgage on a house his ex-wife lived in with her new lover, Steve; the child support payments (for two kids that looked nothing like him) that always seemed due the second he scrounged up enough money to pay off the prior one; the piece of shit Hyundai he had to get to replace the BMW Steve now drove; and the more than frequent drinking and whoring and the occasional snort of coke he needed to get him through the lonely hours of night.”

And it doesn’t stop there. As the story progresses, we are fed bite size pieces of information that help us to paint a vivid picture of the relationship and history between Peter and Dervish, and we’re led to care for what happens to them, what happens being a thing which is horrific in the extreme and not something that is easy to forget once the story is finished. You’ll read this wonderful story in one sitting and find yourself wishing for more, the characters and the world Parent imagines around them capturing you and not wanting to let you go. And you won’t want them to.

The book is too short to say much about it. As mentioned above, it would be way to easy to spoil it. Suffice it to say that Jason Parent is an extraordinarily talented author and UNSEEMLY is just one more piece of evidence in support of that statement. If you haven’t read his work, this would be a great place to start. And after you read it you’ll be wanting to check out Jason’s Amazon author page to get the rest of his books, including SEEING EVIL and the new novella, WHERE WOLVES RUN.

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