So yesterday was the one year anniversary of Shotgun Logic. I would have celebrated that somehow but for the fact that it passed right by without my knowing until someone on LinkedIn congratulated me on it. So I’m a day tardy but still wanted to put some things here.


Some Gratitude

A lot of people have been very supportive of me over the past year, too many to name really, and those people have been very patient with me as well while I’ve stumbled along trying to figure out exactly what the fuck I’m doing. I’ve missed deadlines, overloaded myself with a way out of hand TBR list, and just basically fucked things up every which way I didn’t know I could going into this. And in that process of creative failure, I’ve discovered that most people in the industry, whether publisher, editor, or author, are largely kind and understanding individuals and I have to thank them all.

I also owe a huge thanks to the many reviewers who have befriended and taken me under their collective wings over the past year. These are all people who consider it their honor and their responsibility to share their love of the arts in it’s many forms, whether books, film, or otherwise, and they do so admirably well. Arguably better than I. And again, they turn out to be a largely patient breed of people, having endured my zillion and one newb questions and offered me guidance and encouragement, and even commiseration a time or two, and I am more grateful than I could ever express. Again, too many to name but a few are:

Gabino Iglesias – Various locations around the web. Google him, he’s fucking brilliant.
Adrian Shotbolt – Beavis the Bookhead
Jim Mcleod – Gingernuts of Horror
Benoit Lelievre – Dead End Follies
Rich Duncan – The Horror Bookshelf
David Spell – The Scary Reviews
Greg at 2 Book Lovers – 2 Book Lovers
Zachary Walters – Eyes of Madness
And on and on and….

I also need to thank Bob Pastorella, Michael David Wilson, and all the other kids over at This Is Horror for reading my work and deeming it worthy of their fine publication. Please do give that site a gander and watch their podcasts. You won’t be disappointed.

Most of all, I owe this whole venture to all of you readers out there who share in my love of great fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, and who have read and supported this blog over the year. You’re the ones this blog was ultimately meant to serve and that remains the primary goal. If the book is worth talking about, I want to share it with you, and I’ve been shocked and gladdened to see how many of you in turn share my thoughts with others and help to spread the word. This whole fucking thing would be absolutely meaningless without the collective You and I am eternally grateful to you and committed to continuing forward and, hopefully, improving the quality and the quantity of the content you find here. Wish me luck on that.

Another individual I owe HUGE thanks to is my crazy, wonderful wife Rebecca. She has endured hours and hours of being ignored, she’s endured my Irish temper tantrums and swear fests quietly and never once pointed out what a whiny fucking baby I am when things aren’t happening the way I want them to, and she has diligently shared my blog and my reviews with every single one of her friends and family members, in spite of the fact that they could give a rat’s ass, but only if it was free. Once in the long ago she saved my life and she continues to do so on a daily basis. I am grateful to her every single minute for as long as I draw breath.

(It should be noted that the above paragraph is a result of her informing me that I damn well better thank her too. That’s just how she rolls.)

And finally, if there’s a way to say “fuck,” I’ve probably used it here at some point and I want to say thank you to all you people who have uncomplainingly endured endless repetitions of the word in all its myriad forms and stuck with me in spite of, or maybe because of it. You people are fucking beautiful and I love every one of you.

A Quick Note About the Future

There will be much more of the same style of content here, largely, but not solely, representative of dark indie fiction, and I hope to ramp up the quality, quantity, and variety of things presented here quite a bit. I also hope to be opening my review requests back up to everyone in the near future. In endeavoring to accomplish these goals and others, it is my sincere hope to find a partner in crime, or maybe more than one, to help me in providing more and better content. Stay tuned. There’s more horrific goodness to come.