This Is Horror Posts Today

Today I have a couple of different posts up on This Is Horror that you might be interested in.

coverFirst up is part one of my interview with John F. D. Taff. John’s an interesting and intelligent guy and one of my favorite horror authors. His debut collection, Little Deaths, blew my mind, and he ups his game with every successive story he publishes. He’s written multiple novels and novellas, including The Bell Witch, Kill/Offand the incredible novella collection, The End in All Beginnings, which is an absolute must-read for any horror fan. In August, Grey Matter Press will be releasing I Can Taste the Blood, a shared title novella collection with stories by John and four other outstanding authors including Josh Malerman, author of the breakout novel, Bird Boxand J. Daniel Stone, author of The Absence of Light and the forthcoming Blood Kiss.

Pre-order I Can Taste the Blood by John F. D. Taff and company.


coverNext up is my review of T. Fox Dunham’s  Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality; or, Searching for Andy Kaufman. Fox is an incredibly talented author who’s had a hell of a life journey so far, having contracted, battled, and survived a form of cancer so rare he was only the tenth person to ever be diagnosed with it. This book is beautiful, dark, very often disturbing, and ultimately uplifting. Dunham is an incomparable wordsmith and his linguistic artistry, both poetic and musical is nothing short of amazing. His previous novel, The Street Martyr, is currently being developed for film.

Buy Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality; or, Searching for Andy Kaufman



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