Interview: I Can Taste the Blood – John F.D. Taff

John F. D. Taff talks with Beavis the Bookhead about I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD, the forthcoming novella anthology from Grey Matter Press.

Grim Reader Reviews

ICTTBbook_416x646There is little I enjoy more than spreading the word about my favorite writers and sharing in the excitement of upcoming books.

On the 23rd August Grey Matter Press will release I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD; A collection of novellas that all use the same title, but come from 5 very different voices that lurk in the darker corners of fiction. One of those authors is John F.D. Taff, a writer whom I have a great deal of time for due to his wonderful books. John’s work first came to my attention when I was lucky enough to win a copy of his collection THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS, also published by Grey Matter Press. THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS is a collection of emotional horror that is still among my favorite books released in the past few years. Since then I have followed John’s work with keen interest. His most recent releases…

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