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51EapyuCDXL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_While I haven’t been as busy as I’d like to be here recently, I have been up to no-good in other areas of the web and I wanted to share the shenanigans here. For starters, Grey Matter Press will be releasing their groundbreaking, shared title novella collection, I Can Taste the Blood, on Tuesday, August 23 and I think you’ll definitely want to read that. Here’s part of the synopsis:


Five Unique Voices.
From international bestselling author of BIRD BOX and Bram Stoker Award-nominee Josh Malerman — the newly minted master of modern horror — and Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS, John F.D. Taff; to the mind-bending surrealism of Erik T. Johnson; the darkly poetic prose of J. Daniel Stone and the transgressive mania of Joe Schwartz, I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD offers up five novellas from five unique authors whose work consistently expands the boundaries of conventional fiction.

What makes this book unique is that all five authors applied their own unique vision to the same exact prompt, that being I Can Taste the Blood. Approaching that release, I had the honor of being provided with an advance reading copy, which I reviewed for This Is Horror and I was also fortunate enough to be granted interviews with two of the authors, John F.D. Taff and Josh Malerman. Here are some links for you:

I Can Taste the Blood Review
Taff Interview Part I
Taff Interview Part II
Malerman Interview Part I (Part II coming next week)
Purchase I Can Taste the Blood

conCoverIn other news, Adam Cesare just released his newest novel, The Con Season. I’ll be reviewing that book as time allows but you shouldn’t wait for my blather. Just go get it. Everything Cesare touches turns to blood-encrusted solid gold and you can’t go wrong with his books. Here’s a bit of the synopsis for that one:

Horror movie starlet Clarissa Lee is beautiful, internationally known, and…completely broke.

To cap off years of questionable financial and personal decisions, Clarissa accepts an invitation to participate in a “fully immersive” fan convention. She arrives at an off-season summer camp and finds what was supposed to be a quick buck has become a real-life slasher movie.

Purchase The Con Season

61jdTHEHCwL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Additionally, Max Booth III and Lori Michelle, editors at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, just released their brilliant horror anthology, Lost Signals, which I reviewed for HorrorTalk. It’s a very uniquely themed book with a gathering of some of the most talented and creative authors in speculative fiction. Check it out and discover why I like PMMP so much. Here’s the synopsis for that one:


What’s that sound? Do you feel it? The signals are already inside you. You never even had a chance. A tome of horror fiction featuring radio waves, numbers stations, rogue transmissions, and other unimaginable sounds you only wish were fiction. Forget about what’s hiding in the shadows, and start worrying about what’s hiding in the dead air. With stories by Matthew M. Bartlett, T.E. Grau, Joseph Bouthiette Jr., Josh Malerman, David James Keaton, Tony Burgess, Michael Paul Gonzalez, George Cotronis, Betty Rocksteady, Christopher Slatsky, Amanda Hard, Gabino Iglesias, Dyer Wilk, Ashlee Scheuerman, Matt Andrew, H.F. Arnold, John C. Foster, Vince Darcangelo, Regina Solomond, Joshua Chaplinsky, Damien Angelica Walters, Paul Michael Anderson, and James Newman. Also includes an introduction from World Fantasy-award-winning author, Scott Nicolay.

Lost Signals Review
Purchase Lost Signals

I hope that you check all this stuff out and maybe go buy some books while you’re at it. And if you do, please remember to drop a review on Amazon. Aside from buying their books, it’s the number one way to help your favorite authors stay in the business of writing you books to read.


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