Robert Dunn on the 8th Annual Women in Horror Month



February 2017 will be the 8th year for Women in Horror Month. WiHM is both a celebration of, and awareness raising initiative for the contributions of women to the genre. While it seems to have developed as a movement within the film community it has been adopted and embraced by horror lovers in the reading world as well. For those of us working in horror writing, It’s not just about books. We can support women, as underrepresented contributors in all fields of the wider horror publishing scene. Our support creates awareness that may, hopefully, become opportunity for women in writing, publishing, blogging/reviewing, publicity, even artist representation.

To find out more visit the official WiHM8 page—

If you need official WiHM logos or want to share the official word, get the media kit here—

As part of our celebration of WiHM8 I thought I would give you a simple list of some women who have the opinions we trust. This is not a top 10 list. Nor is it ordered in any way. These are all women who love horror and dark fiction enough to read it and tell you everything you need to know. I want you to know them. So if you are serious about your horror you will follow these great sites and the women behind them.


Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews





Charlene’s Booklikes

SciFi and Scary

Like I said, this is not a rating or, by any means, exhaustive. These are simply some great women led review/blog sites that represent some amazing work. They are all worth your time to check out. Read. Support. Follow them on social media. We’ll all thank you for it.



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