Book review: Primordial – David Wood & Alan Baxter

Adrian Shotbolt reviews Primordial over at The Grim Reader.

Grim Reader Reviews


The speed in which I blasted throughout this book should give you a good indication bas to how much I enjoyed it. Whilst it wasn’t quite worthy of the full quota of stars (it was close!) due to a little pace dip in the middle, ‘Primordial’ sure is a hell of a lot of fun and an easy to read horror/thriller.

Now, I’m a big fan of dinosaur books. Whenever a mission is hatched to search for some sort of prehistoric beast I’m on board immediately and ‘Primordial’ is a great example of how to write a top dino-thriller. ‘Primordial’ has got a lot going for it. From the ancient myth surrounding the monster and the strange hooded figure that worships the beast, to the  inclusion of a missing Nazi search party that was sent to capture the beast for Hitler long ago. The characters are strong and the location is original…

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