Book review: Unnerving Magazine #2

Mister Shotbolt’s at it again. Here’s his review of Unnerving Mag #2. Make sure to click the link to read the full review.

Grim Reader Reviews


I was really impressed with issue #1 of Unnerving Magazine, so much so that issue #2 was always going to be a bit like the difficult second album by your new favourite band. My initial worries were laid to rest when I saw that Stephen Kozeniewski *checks spelling*, James Newman and Jessica McHugh had jumped on-board, submitting new pieces of fiction. Of the three mentioned, Mr Kozeniewski delivers a very solid Z story where the dead are controlled by the mind! Some typical dark humour and a good ending means issue #2 is off to a great start. I’m not a fan of zombie fiction due to a bit of an overdose on it a few years back, but I did enjoy this one a great deal. I’m a massive fan of James Newman but his story here didn’t do a lot for me this time. Perhaps I’m simply too…

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