I received some scratch on my Amazon gift card balance this morning so I thought I’d go looking for some new books. I was looking for Richard Laymon titles in particular because I haven’t read him in ages and, in the process of searching, I found a wealth of killer deals so I thought I’d share them with you here. Laymon has long been one of my favorite of the extreme horror authors, second only to Ketchum, and I can’t recommend him enough if you like it both splattery and well written. Note that all prices are for the Kindle version, and also that I am unable to guarantee any of them past today, so if you’re reading this after 8/19, your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

ResDreamsResurrection Dreams – $1.49 Melvin always was a creepy kid. Vicki still has nightmares about what he did with the dead body and the car battery. Now, years later, he’s been released from the institution and Vicki knows she’ll be seeing him again. But Melvin’s been developing his work with the dead and this time his plans include her.


AfterMidnightAfter Midnight – $1.49 Alice enjoys house-sitting for her friend; she has the place to herself, a huge TV, a swimming pool. But one night, just after midnight, a man walks out of the woods and throws himself into the pool. Alice knows about men, so she fetches the Civil War relic that hangs on the wall: an old cavalry sabre …


CutsCuts – $1.49 Many people have a hobby that verges on obsession. Albert Prince’s obsession happens to be cutting people, especially pretty girls. There’s nothing he loves more than breaking into a stranger’s house and letting his imagination—and his knife—run wild. Albert’s on the run now, heading cross-country, but he’s not about to stop having fun….


BloodGamesBlood Games – $1.99 They meet for one week every year, five young women, best friends since college, in search of fun and thrills. Each year they choose a different place for their reunion. This year it’s Helen’s choice, and she chose the Totem Pole Lodge. Bad choice.

The Totem Pole Lodge is a deserted resort hotel deep in the woods with a gory, shocking past. Helen has a macabre streak and she can’t wait to tell her friends all about what happened at the lodge and why it’s now abandoned. But Helen and the others are in for a nasty surprise. The resort isn’t quite as deserted as they think. And not all the gruesome events at the Totem Pole Lodge are in its past. The worst are still to come…

IntoFireInto The Fire – $0.99 Pretty, young Pamela was a very happy newlywed, with a loving husband and a beautiful home. But all that changed the night Rodney broke in. He’s been obsessed with Pamela since high school and now he intends to make her his slave for life. They’ll be alone when he drives her out to the blazing desert. But someone else is out there too…someone with a gun.

Pamela hoped her nightmare was over when Rodney was shot, but something about her rescuer isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s the way he dropped Rodney’s body in a pit—like he’d done it before. Maybe it’s the bus he’s driving, with only mannequins for passengers. One thing is certain, she won’t be prepared for what she’ll find when he drives her to a tiny, isolated town baking in the desert sun—a town with very odd customs and a unique way of welcoming strangers.

InTheDarkIn The Dark – $1.99 Donnerville librarian Jane Kerry receives an envelope containing a 50-dollar bill and a note instructing her to “look homeward, angel” and signed “MOG (Master of Games).” So begins The Game—pushing Jane into crazy, immoral, and criminal actions. When she tries to quit, MOG has other ideas.


FleshFlesh – $1.49 No one in town has ever seen anything like it: a slimy, mobile tube of glistening yellow flesh with dull, staring eyes and an obscene, probing mouth. But the real horror is not what it looks like, or what it does when it invades your flesh—but what it makes you do to others.


WakeDeadTo Wake The Dead – $1.49 An ancient beauty…

Amara was once the Princess of Egypt, the beautiful wife of Mentuhotep the First. Now, 4000 years later, she and her coffin are merely prized exhibits of the Charles Ward museum. Her lovely face and strong, young body are no more. If you were to look at her today you would see only a brittle bundle of bones and dried skin. But looks can be very deceiving…

A missing mummy…

Barney, the museum’s night watchman, is the first to make the shocking discovery that the mummy’s coffin has been broken open. He immediately assumes it’s the work of grave-robbers who care nothing about the sanctity of the dead. But Barney doesn’t have a chance to do anything about it. Then two security guards come upon the open coffin and they too believe that the mummy has been stolen. What else could sane men think? By the time they realize the unbelievable truth, it’s far too late for them to do anything…ever again.

The walking dead!

Now Amara is once again freed from the cramped confines of her coffin, free to walk the earth, free to stalk her prey. Free to kill. Nothing can satisfy her deadly bloodlust. And no one can stop her. You cannot kill what is already dead.

BewareBeware – $1.99 The supermarket shouldn’t have been shut – it wasn’t normal for Elsie to quit early. But then it wasn’t normal for a meat cleaver to fly through the air by itself. Or for a guard dog locked in overnight to end up as hamburger meat. Or for Elsie herself to feature on the butcher’s slab, neatly wrapped and jointed…There’s weird things happening in the town of Oasis and certain folks – like hotshot local reporter Lacey Allen – had better…BEWARE!

BiteBite – $1.49 It’s almost midnight. Cat’s on the bed, facedown and naked. She’s Sam’s former girlfriend, the only woman he’s ever loved. Sam’s in the closet, with a hammer in one hand and a wooden stake in the other. Together they wait as the clock ticks down because…the vampire is coming.

When Cat first appeared at Sam’s door he couldn’t believe his eyes. He hadn’t seen her in ten years, but he’d never forgotten her. Not for a second. But before this night is through, Sam will enter a nightmare of blood and fear that he’ll never be able to forget—no matter how hard he tries.