I wanted to share this with you today because it’s one of my favorite things and also because it’s an opportunity for you to win a copy of something awesome. Back in 2013 Bizarro Pulp Press started publishing this series of pulp fiction titles that, for lack of knowing any better, I’m calling the Grindhouse Series. In addition to just being great fun, often shocking reads, what makes this series so special to me, and the reason I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of every single title so far is the astounding, brilliantly vibrant cover art of artist Justin T. Coons. Each book sports a colorful spattering of retro grindhouse style artwork that grabs the eye and makes you want to just hold it and look at it, to study every nuance of line and coloring, just like our favorite old comics of yore.

I’ve recently added the two newest volumes to my collection and, in the process, somehow managed to double up on Konstantine Paradias’ madhouse thrill ride of gore and violence appropriately titled, Violence Dave: Heartless. And that, as it turns out, is great news for you because Bizarro Pulp Press and Shotgun Logic have teamed up with my good friend Steve Pattee over at HorrorTalk.com and put together a little giveaway just for you.


So stop wasting your time hanging around listening to my babble and go hit that giveaway. And while you’re at it, hit those links below and go get the rest of the books as well. Look at ’em. You know you want some too.

Click here to enter for a chance to win your copy of Violence Dave: Heartless

Buy Gravity Comics Massacre by Vincenzo Bilof
Buy Retch! by David Bernstein
Buy Fecal Terror by David Bernstein
Buy Skinners by Adam Millard
Buy Cherub by David C. Hayes
Buy Violence Dave: Heartless by Konstantine Paradias
Buy Psycho Therapy by Alan Spencer