A Conversation with The Sisters of Slaughter about Silverwood: The Door and Kingdom of Teeth

Rich Duncan talks to the Sisters of Slaughter over at Ink Heist.

Ink Heist

We’re excited to host Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason – who go by the nickname The Sisters of Slaughter- today on Ink Heist! The Sisters of Slaughter burst onto the scene with Mayan Blue, their Stoker nominated debut that took readers on a bloody trip into the Mayan underworld. Mayan Blue was a blast to read and it was the novel that made Shane and I huge fans of the Sisters writing. They followed up Mayan Blue with their equally vicious sophomore novel Those Who Follow last summer. As awesome as Mayan Blue was, the Sisters of Slaughter have taken their writing to another level with Those Who Follow. This novel is dark and brutal, featuring a villain that relishes the torment and horror he inflicts on his victims. If you like your horror a little more on the extreme side, definitely add this one to your collection. This year…

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