The mission of this blog is to support and promote established and new authors of horror and other forms of dark fiction. I am passionate about books and about horror in particular and have a desire to give back to the authors that I read and admire. In this digital age, reader feedback is crucial to an author’s success. That feedback can take many forms, from blog posts to retweets, to reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. This is purely a labor of love. I do not get paid for any of the reviews I post, nor will I give a dishonest review in exchange for money, goods, or services. If I read a book and like it, I’ll review it. If I read a book and don’t like it, I will leave it to the author’s discretion whether she/he wants me to write a review. Some portion of the reviews posted here will also be posted to Amazon and Goodreads to further support the authors.

If any of the reviews you read here should move you to purchase a book, and if you like it, please do leave some positive feedback, either on your social media feeds, or on your book retailer’s website, preferably both. I hope you find the articles and reviews here useful and informative.

Thanks for visiting and keep reading!

Shane D. Keene