A podcast for readers and writers of dark, speculative fiction.

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About Us

Shotgun Logic is a podcast geared toward readers and writers of all things dark and speculative and, while horror tends to be the main focus, without any genre prejudice. The brain trust of a conglomerate of writers, readers, and thinkers, including, but not limited to, Beverley Lee, Stephanie Ellis, Natalie Edwards (T.C. Parker), and Shane D. Keene, we pride ourselves on being a little different here and think you’ll agree when we tell you we’re doing a pretty solid job of it. The driving force behind this production is a devotion to inclusiveness and diversity and absolute love and respect for the power of storytelling and its ability to bring people together. To that end, let us introduce you to some extremely generous benefactors who donated to the grassroots effort that is this podcast.

Dark Angels

Our Heroes

Shotgun Logic owes a debt of gratitude to the following, without whom we would still exist, but because of them, we are way cooler. Check them out and throw some support their way

Vitskär Süden

“​Vitskär Süden creeps up on you like those last red moments of sunset before full darkness. This album has dominated my playlist lately.”

It’s clear that Los Angeles-based quartet Vitskär Süden operates from a shared musical consciousness. Having previously played together over the course of two decades, bassist/vocalist Martin Garner and drummer Christopher Martin unite effortlessly for a no-discussion-required, half-time-heavy rhythm section approach. Guitarists Julian Goldberger and TJ Webber bring their own distinctive influences, touching on both the ambient and melodic but unified in an appreciation of layered sonic texture.

Their self-titled debut draws on elements of desert/psych and prog rock, as well as "weird fiction" lit inspired by the likes of Robert W. Chambers and Laird Barron — a quality equally embodied in the album’s cover art by Samuel Araya (​Elvenking)​ . Tracks like “Trickle of the Snail,” “Dawn of the Monolith” and album opener “War Machine Crimson” nod directly to that melting pot of fantasy, science fiction and horror; evoking imagery of malevolent forces at play in our universe, while “Painted Faces” and “Ice & Haze” offer glimpses of light in darkness.

Listen to the self titled album on bandcamp and find them on their official website and on Youtube.

Nicholas Day

Nicholas Day is an award-nominated author who writes predominantly within the horror, science fiction, and crime genres.

Previously, Nicholas studied creative writing at Southern Illinois University and at Seton Hill University.

Currently, he co-owns Rooster Republic Press and Strangehouse Books with fellow writer Don Noble. In addition to this, the duo handle acquisitions and oversee production for Bizarro Pulp Press, an imprint of JournalStone.

He is always working on a multitude of projects, including novels, novellas and short stories, screenplays, and other multimedia works.

You can find him at:


Current Episode

In this inaugural episode of The Shotgun Logic Podcast, I am talking with soon-to-be host Beverley Lee and special guest Catherine McCarthy. Catherine has just recently released her novella Immortelle, from Off Limits Press and Beverley has a brand new novella, The House of Little Bones releasing in September. I've personally had the honor of reading both of these deliciously vicious quiet works of horror and I can't recommend them highly enough. Check out my review of both over at Ink Heist or just go preorder those beauties You'll love them.

In this episode, we discuss Beverley and Catherine's books, quiet horror, atmosphere, and mood, with shoutouts to Off Limits, Sam Kolesnik, Laurel Hightower, Ross Jefferey, and Tim McGregor, just to name a few. Check us out and do come back for future episodes with Ross Jefferey, John F.D. Taff, Wendy Wagner, and Nicole Eigener. The full list will be on the website, as are links to the works of the guests and our contributors Nicholas Day--hand-drawn logo--and Vitskar Suden for the amazing song we use for our podcast. Do throw support behind all these brilliant creatives and thank you for listening to Shotgun Logic.

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